Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Happy February!

Hey everyone! It's officially February and that means... well, a lot of things actually, but it also means a new birthstone; Amethyst (one of my personal favorites!)

In ancient times, this special stone was said to protect against drunkenness, invoke inspiration, and, when worn on a cord made of dog hair, ward off snakebites! Although, today I think the preference is a gold or silver chain! Amethyst's are pretty common, however, this means you can get these fab gems in fairly large sizes for way decent prices. We've got a couple in the store right now for under $200!

February also means Valentine's Day! We just got in our silver promotional heart pendants ($34.95) and we have a number of clearance heart items including an diamond heart necklace, and a pair of amethyst (which you now have a little knowledge about!) heart shaped earrings (super cute).

Let's hope this sunny weather keeps up to help your gems sparkle!