Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A Hard Stone is Good to Find

Like some women love Italian shoes, I love the sparkle of gemstone rings. But since my hands are rarely still, my rings can really take a beating.

Fellow ring lovers, take heart. If you choose your gemstones wisely, your rings will look amazing no matter how often you wear them.

There are two main factors you should keep in mind when choosing stones for rings:

  1. Hardness
A gemstone’s hardness is its ability to resist abrasion. The higher a gemstone ranks on the Mohr scale of hardness, the more difficult it is to scratch. Diamonds — at 10 — are the hardest gemstones. A diamond can only be scratched by another diamond.

Other hard gemstones include:
·       Ruby and sapphire – 9.0 on the Mohr scale
·        Chrysoberyl (including cat’s eye and alexandrite) – 8.5
·        Spinel and topaz – 8.0
·        Emerald and aquamarine –  7.5 to 8.0

  1. 2.    Toughness

Columbian emerald and topaz may be hard stones, but they aren’t very tough. This means that because of their crystal structure, they’re prone to chipping and fracturing along certain angles (planes of cleavage).

Some gems that are hard are tough as well. Not only do sapphires and rubies measure a 9.0 on the Mohr scale of hardness, they also have no planes of cleavage. That makes them tougher than diamonds! But the toughest of all gemstones are jadeite and nephrite.

Any of these stones would be a great choice for your next gemstone ring.  

Happy hunting!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Rhymes with “Girl”

Spring is the season of innocence, new life, and new beginnings. No gem conveys these qualities better than the pearl.

Pearls have long been symbols of femininity. In the Bible, they’re used as metaphors for heaven and the word of God. That’s why pearls are the perfect choice to wear and to give for a special girl’s baptism or First Communion.

There’s another reason why brides often choose to wear pearls. Their range of subtle hues can make any complexion glow. White pearls with silvery overtones stand out beautifully against dark or olive skin. Fair-skinned women shine in pearls that are peach, pink, or white with a blush of rose.

When it comes to pearls, Japan is the center of the universe. Steward, our owner, traveled there several months ago. He returned with a treasure trove of lustrous grays and whites and creams. Then, he sat down and started designing.

From pendants to rings to earrings, we’ve got pearls for all the girls and women you love. Why not stop by and get inspired?  

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Dazzle your Valentine with Color!

There are many different kinds of love. But you can express them all with a rainbow of sparkling jewels.

The secret: gemstone symbolism.     

You’ve probably heard that rubies and diamonds are the stones of love. But garnets are, too. This colorful family of gems stands for passionate devotion – not just between lovers, but also among family and friends. Opals are fiery, emotional stones, linked with love, passion, and spontaneity. And rose quartz is the symbol of “gentle love.”

Want to strengthen your bond with your partner? The right gemstones can help. According to tradition, serene blue apatite promotes communication. Diopside means commitment. Onyx repels negativity. Peridot cools jealousy while building understanding in a relationship. Emeralds can even boost your fertility!

Valentine’s Day is around the corner. So come check out our wide array of handcrafted gemstone jewelry.  

We’ll help you make your lover’s heart beat a little faster!