Saturday, December 7, 2013

My search for a spectacular engagement ring ended at 22 West Gay Street!

After searching high and low, scouring the city of Columbus, running in and out of every possible store selling diamonds, my search for a spectacular engagement ring ended at my last stop, The Diamond Exchange 22 West Gay Street in Columbus, Ohio. Being a first time 52 year old bride, I wanted everything.... big, bling and a bargain! My fiance knew me well enough to know that the shopping process would be way to painful for him so he gave me a budget and set me loose solo. Knowing him, I appreciated picking out my own ring! I have always loved jewelry and have lots of it but did not own a diamond. I started out with a visit to the internet extracting all the important information for buying diamonds. I learned that cut, color and clarity were the important factors to keep in mind and in that order. I shopped for weeks, checking off jewelers in the Columbus area and seemed exasperated by the end of week six. I shared my frustration with a girlfriend who promptly said, "Have you been to the Diamond Exchange? My son was recently engaged and had a beautiful ring custom made there and the price was astonishing." I said no. I had not heard of them but made a plan to visit the following day and so I did. The sales associate lead me to the case with the bridal and wedding rings. I looked down into the case and immediately saw my ring. It was big, had a ton of bling and I got a bargain. Oh by the way, let me introduce myself. My name is Georgia and I am the new sales associate at the Diamond Exchange.