Thursday, May 23, 2013

New Blog Series: Get Your Eye Candy Here!

Exceptional gems and jewelry may be beyond your reach now. But you can always look, learn, and hone your taste for later.

Why yes … I’d be happy to help!

My new series, "Eye Candy", will feature fascinating facts and images guaranteed to fire your imagination.  

You’ll see historic pieces of jewelry, the work of the finest craftsmen, and the most stunning precious stones that have ever been dug from the earth.

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The fun begins the week after Memorial Day. So have a safe holiday weekend, and I’ll see you back here soon!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mind the Gap!

I knew about engagement rings. I knew about wedding bands. But until a few months ago, I was unaware that the relationship between the two is a matter of lively debate.

I’m talking about “the gap” … the space between the two rings.

There are two basic opinions about the gap:

1.  “Hate it!”
Some women feel a wedding band should fit flush with an engagement ring. They want their bridal sets to look like a single, substantial ring.

Engagement ring with a flush-fit wedding band.

There are several ways to achieve this look, depends on the style and construction of the engagement ring. 

If the engagement ring is a classic solitaire and the center stone sits high enough, a traditionsl wedding band should fit right beside it. But if the engagement ring has a halo setting or thick prongs, it might require a wedding band with an unusual shape.
A flush-fit band by itself.

While some engagement rings come with matching wedding bands, others don’t. The best way to get a perfectly flush fit can be to have your wedding band custom made.      
2. “Love it!”
There are several reasons why some women embrace the idea of a gap between their rings. One reason is the symbolism. Since each ring represents a different stage in their relationship, they
feel that each ring should look like it could stand on its own. 
Why not mix metals, shapes, and colors?

Playing with positive and negative space.
There are also practical and aesthetic reasons. Some women want to be able to wear just their wedding bands while they’re traveling or working with their hands. And let’s face it: a flush-fit wedding band can look strange without an accompanying engagement ring. Case in point: the "w"-shaped ring above.

Even if an engagement ring and wedding band are physically welded together, a gap can give them a more carefree, funky, or vintage look.
The possibilities are endless!
Gap or no gap? It’s fun to think about. But if you’re engaged or newly married, it’s just one of many joyful decisions you have to make.

Congratulations from all of us at the Diamond Exchange!