Thursday, July 11, 2013

Get Creative with Cameos

Cameos have a reputation for being … let’s say, prim. But when worn creatively, these miniature works of art mark you as a woman who knows beauty never goes out of style.     

Steward has a number of lovely shell cameos here at the shop. Most are unset, so Steward can work with you to create a special piece of jewelry. Here are some ideas to get you started:

A stunning centerpiece for a lariat necklace.

  • Have your cameo mounted on a white or yellow gold hair pin or hair clip to wear with a simple, contemporary black dress.
  • Have a ring designed around your cameo. The setting can be large or small, simple or elaborate, depending on your taste.
  • Make your cameo the focal point of a cuff bracelet, dressy belt buckle, or lariat slide necklace.
  • If you have two small matching cameos, have your jeweler mount them onto cufflinks to add flair to a crisp white blouse and a business or dressy suit. Or, create a cool pair of earrings.
An unusual pair of cameo earrings.
If you choose a cameo that’s already set in a pin or brooch, you can:

  • Fasten it to a headband or hat for a funky bohemian/vintage look
  • Pin it above the knot in a silk scarf
  • Pin it to the front of a dressy handbag
  • Wear it as a pendant (many cameo brooches have settings designed to let you do this.)

One of Steward's cameos, mounted in 10k yellow gold.