Saturday, October 5, 2013

Update: Beth’s New Platinum Ring!

On September 14, I posted the story of Beth, our client whose platinum ring fell apart when she clapped her hands. The jeweler who made the ring used substandard welds to secure the center diamonds.

Here’s what Beth’s ring looked like after the stones fell out (the bad welds are circled in red):  

The jeweler who made this tried to cut corners ...

Beth found the missing diamonds, but the setting could not be salvaged. So Beth asked Steward to set her 2-carat oval brilliant-cut and two trillion-cut diamonds in a new, well-constructed platinum mounting. 

Steward found this stunner, adding 16 rich blue sapphires for a subtle pop of color:

The diamonds are really white; the photographer was wearing a red shirt!

Beth now has a ring that will hold her diamonds in place for years to come … and look amazing doing it!

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