Wednesday, October 24, 2018

A Love Story

About two months ago, Steward Gibboney, owner of the Diamond Exchange, received this e-mail:

 Hi Steward, 

 After a horrible experience with another jeweler that resulted in me returning my original engagement ring, I am looking at getting a custom ring designed. My boss mentioned you were friends and he recommended contacting you about getting a new ring. He said you had designed and made rings for him and his wife and they were thrilled with them. All the friends they recommended to you raved about what you did for them, as well. My style is a little more alternative and I’m looking for something more out of the box than typical engagement rings, so I would love to talk more with you about what I’m looking for to see if it’s something you would be willing/able to work with. I look forward to hearing back from you, thanks! 

 When this e-mail writer came into the Diamond Exchange with her fiancé, they related how a joyful occasion became a nightmare. They had ordered a custom ring from a jeweler in another state. The day after the ring arrived and the engagement became official, the ring fell apart and had to be returned to the jeweler. Upon receipt of their “repaired” ring, the couple found a different ring had been substituted for the one they had designed! This was followed by unpleasant communication between the couple and the jeweler until the couple agreed to return the substitute ring and receive a refund of their money.

 The couple was much happier working with a local jeweler they could call or readily visit. The couple and Steward talked about exactly what they wanted: a unique rose gold ring with a hexagonal, “salt and pepper” diamond. After a lot of discussion, research, double and triple-checking, the ring was designed, approved and delivered. The picture below shows the result of this collaboration.

 Our story has a happy ending and the words of the bride-to-be,

 Still can't stop looking at it, thank you so much! 

 Visit us at the Diamond Exchange and design the ring of your dreams!


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